Why I am keeping a Blog

A little housekeeping

Hello to all. I have been looking for a way to save pictures, thoughts, notes and general information about activities and adventures I have with my family and on my own. I have struggled with placing a lot of content on Facebook, because not all of my friends are interested in all the details of things I do and am interested in.

Trips I have taken, hikes I have been on, songs I have played, vacations and the like all have elements that I wish to journal post and keep notes for recall at a later time. I have found after some activities I don’t remember all the details of a trip and wish that I had kept some notes. The blog format seems for now the best way for me to do that. I hope friends and family will enjoy reading content and viewing pictures in my posts. Please know that I do not wish to brag, gloat, name drop or parade around anything I am doing. ┬áThis is mainly so I can keep notes about things that interest me. I am not a writer and have no formal education in writing. My grammar and use of punctuation may not be perfect, but that’s OK. I am also not versed in html editing or web page publishing. I am not very good with graphics and artsy type of stuff, so bear with me. I do hope to learn more about publishing as I make more blogs and pages. All content of my blogs and pages remain my property. Use or republication of all content, data and pictures is prohibited without express written permission of Joel T. Shannon, KC4WZB.

Enough of that! Thanks for taking time to read the why. Now onto the adventures of KC4WZB!


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