Springer Mountain 01/28/2017

Windy and cold activation of Springer Mountain W4G/HC-005

I had a lot of fun this day, though it was very cold. Much of the trail had ice over the rocks. This was my first SOTA summit activation. Did I mention it was cold?

I am catching the blog up to current times, so for efficiency I will be copying some of the info from Facebook postings. Here was my Facebook post:

Had an amazing day with my Sweetheart Lynn Shannon. Hike to the top of Springer Mountain and hauled ham radios and antennas to the top. Set everything up and made close to 50 contacts in an hour. Quebec, Arizona, Vermont, Minnesota, Tennessee, Georgia, New York and many more. This was a SOTA (Summits on the air) activation. Contacts made on single side band 20 & 40 meters an 2 meter FM. Great day!
Thank you Lord for a wonderful day.


Nice Hike!

This Hike: 1.9 Miles round trip from parking area

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