Tipton Mountain W4G/HC-011 05/27/2017

Ticks on Tipton

This was a really fun hike. We had some spotty clues as to where to catch the trail. Hiking certain trails in North GA during the summer can be tricky with all of the ground cover and foliage. We missed the trail entrance and had continued up a FS road. Part of the way up the road we saw an old abandoned outdoor theater? (See pics) There was a large cliff/hill behind it on the side of Tipton Mountain and a group was there getting ready to rappel. They invited us up to see the great view. It was worth the hike up the hill. See pics below. They informed us we could catch the BMT (Benton MacKaye Trail just a few yard past the cliff at the end of a grown up old grass parking area. Sure enough there was the trail, a connector trail actually. We began the ascent of the mountain. At the top there were no real views from the summit. We (me, Lynn and Izzy) set up and I made 19 QSO’s (radio contacts) On the hike back we bushwhacked from the trail back to the FS road down closer to where we had started. We really paid for it though. I pulled 13 ticks off the dogs. Lynn pulled a few off of her. All in all a great trip. The summit was around 3,147′ asl.

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