W4G/NG-085 (Sawnee Mountain) 06/10/2017

No hiking involved here. This was a drive up and not a hike. I made one contact to Ryan KK4OSG on 2 meters. He was about 100 miles away doing the VHF contest.and we were both operating at 5 watts. Ryan had a small beam and was able to zero in on me.

I put up my trusty SOTA Beam linked dipole and was able to get 4 HF contacts.
On this hike I got the stink-eye from a neighbor driving by. I have since had the opportunity to activate a few more neighborhood drive up activations, but have decided this not to be a challenge and risks giving the hobby a bad name. I probably will not do this kind of activation in the future. No judgement against those who do, it’s just not for me.

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