Tooni Mountain (W4G/HC-015) 07/30/2017

It was nice to get back on the trail after a great trip to Vermont. Lynn was back on the trail with me as well. I have got her into listening to Pod Cast. She hangs out while I am making contacts and she listens to programs about investing. Thankfully she has a knack for investing and has something to keep her occupied while I activate.

We started the hike from the back side of the of the mountain close to the Toccoa River swinging bridge. The bridge is very nice. It was the first time Lynn had hiked to the bridge. Izzy and I had been together last year. We did make it there together last year via the river on a kayak float. We had lunch that day on the river bank right at the bridge.
Oh well, back to this trip… This was a short diversion, but very worth it to see the river. We back tracked a bit and caught the Benton Mackaye trail up Tooni mountain.

The band was in great shape. I made 20 contacts, some DX (Distant) contacts as well. On this trip I shed the table and chair for the Eno hammock. This worked pretty well. I am starting to fine tune what I carry and have lightened the load a bit. We saw some neat plants and fungi growing on trees. All in all a great day.

Click here for the pics: Tooni Mountain Pics

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