Rocky Top (W4G/NG-053) & Trip to Mercier’s Apple Orchard 10/14/2017

Today Lynn, Izzy and I were at the cabin and decided to hit Mecier’s for a tour. We got there, ate breakfast, then went out for the tour Not much of a tour. We heard a few interesting facts from a really nice man about the farm. He told us what apples were in season ready for picking, pointed out their locations in the orchard and dropped us off for picking. We picked several apples and had a great time. We got some fresh popped kettle corn and headed back to the cabin. I am pretty sure Izzy had homework and Lynn wanted to sew, so I headed out to a drive up summit. These are quicker and easier than ones you have to hike to. I don’t like them as much and refuse to do the ones that are in subdivisions. The one for today involved getting off-road in the Jeep and climbing Rocky Top, a nice summit with radio towers. I was able to set up my KX3 and make a bunch of contacts, 30 to be exact. I had several good conversations and really enjoyed the activation. I headed back to the cabin and we were able to have a fire in the fire pit and relax and hang out with John. I love weekends like this, where everyone gets to enjoy themselves and have fun.

Check out the pics from this weekend. click here

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