Yonah Mountain (W4G/NG-048) 09/02/2017

This hike was killer. Breathtaking views! Just Izzy and I went up and hiked this one.
The day we went the parking lot at the base was packed. The hike starts off pretty easy, but goes to some pretty good bouldering in no time. The hike is fairly steep and it is easy to get off track. There are numerous trails once you get up to the latrines and grounds the Ranger’s use for training. We stayed to the right side which is definitely the best for amazing views. The wind there on the edge was very intense and the visibility could have been better. I look forward to going back on a clear day to get some better views in. The Ranger’s do a good bit of training on Yonah, as it provides a perfect spot to rappel. There are lots of permanent anchor points/bolts for fixing ropes. Yonah is a very iconic peak around Cleveland GA and stands out from all other peaks, due to it’s shape and sheer cliffs. The actual summit is just a big flat grassy field with no real views in the summer time. You have to go more to the edges to get the grand views. There were a couple with a drone on the mountain and a church group throwing Frisbee when we were up top. I set up my hammock and was able to get in 14 contacts. This summit is only a 6 pointer, but a harder hike than many of the 10 pointers I have done. One of my favorites and it is my daughter’s favorite hike.

Enjoy the great pics:  Yonah pics


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