Bell Knob (W4G/NG-035) 12/01/2017

Lynn and I took today off work. Tomorrow would be our 22nd anniversary! Lynn was going to be attending a ladies brunch at church tomorrow on our anniversary, so we took Friday off. We went to Blue Ridge and did some Christmas shopping. We had a nice lunch in town and headed to the cabin. After a little while there we headed out for Hiwassee to hit Bell Knob. This summit is now a drive up. There are still a ton of steps to get to the summit observation deck. Bell know may have the best 360º views of any summit yet. Unfortunately the whole place has been vandalized with lots of graffiti. I just do not understand this. I set up my Alpha Loop on the observation platform and worked 11 stations in short order. I packed things up and we headed into town and bought some things for the cabin. If you read last weeks activation at Ravencliff you know about the Crane Creek Vineyard and the Friday night Tapas. I had made us reservations. We went there after the activation at Bell Knob. When we arrived they let us try a few wines. We fell in love with a white they had called Catawba Christmas Wine. They only make a limited run every Christmas. We bought some bottles for gifts and learned we were going to have a musician there from Asheville. Our table was right next to the performer up front. The setting is very intimate with a roaring fire in the fireplace. While they were setting up Lynn and I stepped out on the porch and had a glass of wine sitting in the rockers. The Christmas lights in the mountains and the smell of the fire was very romantic. Lynn and I enjoy hanging out together as much if not more than we did when we first met. She has been such a blessing in my life, one that I am very thankful for.
Our table was ready and we went in and prepared to order. The menu was a great selection and Lynn and I loved every dish. The music was fantastic. The night was wonderful. Too bad we had to drive back to Suwanee tonight, but we enjoyed the night drive through the mountains.

Be sure to click here for pics.

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