Coosa Bald (W4G/NG-006) 12/02/2017

I had a missed an activation earlier in the year of this summit and I was looking forward to bagging this peak. I set out fairly early armed with the tracks set out in my AllTrails App. I really like this app. You can load GPX track files from others hikes or from your GPS. You can also manually chart your course on top of topo maps. These can be downloaded for off line use and can be printed. You can time your trek and see if you are staying on track as well. I was ready to go. On the way up I stopped at Mountain Crossing at Neels Gap and picked up a Toaks titanium alcohol stove and a few other goodies. I parked at Wildcat Gap and headed up the mountain. I saw quite a few hikers coming down the mountain, but didn’t see anyone on the mountain. I have added a stadium seating pad to sit on instead of carrying a camp chair or hammock for super light weight set up. This has been a really good addition. It provides padding in the pack and is very comfortable to sit on. I took my time and knocked out 23 contacts. It was a super great day. I enjoy the solitude of solo hiking from time to time, but also miss my hiking partner and wife when she’s not there.  I found out the next day that Cris at my church had been on the same trail, the same day as me. Somehow we missed each other. We have been discussing for a few weeks now trying to plan a hike together.  Hopefully we will get in a hike soon.

Click here to view the pics from this trip.

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