Buckeye Knob (W4G/NG-017) 07/15/2017

Today Lynn and I headed to the beautiful North GA Mountains to try and knock out two summits. The first was to be Coosa Bald and then Buckeye Knob. We started out from Wildcat Gap and a storm was a brewing. We had gone the wrong way on the trail. Looking at a set of printed directions and even a GPS is no substitute for being prepared with review of maps ahead of time. We figured out fairly quickly that we had gone the wrong way and headed back to the Jeep fast to beat the approaching storm. Turns out the storm went by quickly. We decided to try and run on to the trail for Buckeye Knob.
We found a good spot to jump on the Duncan Ridge Trail and headed to the knob. The trail was fairly steep in parts, but not bad. This trail, or at least this section does not get as much traffic as the AT. We didn’t see anyone on this trail. We saw some really cool Fungi that resembled fan style sea coral. There was also a really awesome tree with a huge burl. We got set up and were able to quickly get the summit activated. Just 7 contact, but we were ready to head out and were getting hungry. Heading back we went toward Dahlonega. My plan was to get to Smokin Gold BBQ, owned by a friend of mine. He is a competitor in Big Green Egg cooking competitions and knows his stuff. We made it to town but my friend was not in. We did enjoy some fine BBQ and visited a few of the local tourist trap stores.  I highly recommend this spot if you’re hungry and love BBQ. His brisket and Mac’N’Cheese are my favorites. I am 5 months behind on writing these blogs, so it is surprising what I do remember about these trips.  Got to keep typing and get caught up.

Oh yeah, don’t forget to check out the pics here: Buckeye Knob pics

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